No No: Including Features and Customer Experience



The “No No” is a system of hair removal. The product's declaration is to give users no hair and on top of that “no pain and no hassel”. However, there's a burning question with the product, can it really accomplish that task? A claim this product has is to give hair removal results that are similar to that of a spa. It's performed by utilizing a system with termicon technology bringing heat down to the follicle. It's not only done to have the hair taken off but also to hinder growth in the future.


The No No program first of all comes with the device, there's a charger and various suggestions for face and body, Also, for face and body, buffing pads and quick start guide targeted to assist users in ten minutes. It should be informed to users attention that the unit needs to be charged for a five hour minima. This is before first time being used. A preference is doing it in late night hours. Users can see the device is all charged with green bars. The No No device comes with three levels of treatment. The instructions tell users to begin with the lowest level and from there move up. That is in the terms of how to utilize it.


Some Customers of the No No Hair Removal are skeptical that it will actually work. A customer Julie made the decision to try this product in three weeks for three times per week. It came to Julie’s attention there was precise outcomes in the time taken for her hair to come back and in the texture and quantity that it does return. She also mentioned that to use this device you need patience in getting comfortable with using it and anticipating the greatest results.